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Photo Novelties

These digitized delights are the ultimate in personalization and a fantastic memento of your event that your guests will want to keep for years! Forget your throw-away party favor and thing PHOTO-PHUN! When we’re making items like keychains, keychain viewers, buttons, magnets or snow globes we produce about 45+ items per hour. When we’re making our more customized photo novelties, like green-screen images, fantasy photos, magazine covers or “Warhol-walls”, we produce about 25+ each hour.

Do you need photo buttons for your schools football team, cheerleading squad, or even the cast of this year’s spring play? We can make them onsite at the event or in-studio from photos you’ve provided! In-studio pricing is the most economical way to get the job done, but we can always discuss options for your specific needs!

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